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Are you ready to make a change?  Are you ready to find a better way to manage the pain of arthritis?  Are you ready to improve your health? Then you have come to the right place!  RecRx works with your medical provider and loal parks & recreation departments to help you take the first step to achieving your goals.  RecRx in partnership with local recreation centers offer you and your household one month free access to participating recreation centers including classes, pools, and other amenities offered to the community.  For more information and to take your first step fill out the form below:
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RecRx Benefits


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Evidence Based Programs

Upon your first visit to the recreation center nearest to you.  You will be provided with an orientation covering the benefits of participating in RecRx.  You will recieve a tour of the facility and a consultation on how you can take the first couple steps to acheiving your wellness goals.  
In addition to your orientation you and any family members interested in joining you on your journey will receive a one month pass to a participating recreation center.  We will also screen for eligibility in Silver Sneakers, and Silver & Fit.  If you are eligbile you will recieve a Silver Sneaker or Silver & Fit membership and gain access to the recreation center as long as you retain the same medicare supplement.  
RecRx has worked with several partners to train staff at participating recreation centers on the delivery of evidence based programming to ensure that the programs you are attending are the right fit for your current condition. Furthermore, RecRx audits participating recreation centers on an ongoing basis to ensure quality and consistency on your behalf. 
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